Seth Mitchell


Q. How is your power relevant to your character life story (Nearly all heroes have powers that relate to their history or personality

A. Seth’s mother died in a base jumping accident and as a result his father worried that Seth would end up doing something similar. Seth takes after his mother in that he doesn’t let fear or worry get in the way of doing what he wants. That said he doesn’t want to cause unnecessary stress for his father and that has caused him to go down a different path. While his power let him change physical distances, adopting a secret identity gives him the opportunity to live a more adrenaline fueled life while keeping his father emotionally distant from the worry.

Q. What was your initial reaction to getting powers?

A. Fried food always helps the morning after a big night out and getting up and going to the kitchen is always the hardest part. So while considering these options I was quite shocked to find myself lying on the kitchen floor. After a bit of effort I ended up back in my room and then after breakfast I decided I would treat my power like anything else and started training.

Q. What do you intend to do with your new found powers.

A. Fighting crime. Even without my powers I’d step up against people causing trouble but going out and looking for it is a different thing. How else am I going train my powers? It’s not like I can use them in a friendly spar.

Q. Do you enjoy using your powers, do you use them regularly or try to conceal them and use them as little as possible.

A. Of course I enjoy using my powers, just like you’d enjoying using your arms or legs. Dad worried about me taking part in contact sports, which is why I don’t compete any more. What I’m doing at night is definitely more dangerous that football so I keep my powers secret so he doesn’t find out about that.

Q. What is your biggest flaw

A. Seth tends to be restless. Between his own training, working as a personal trainer and his studies he tends to burn the candle at both ends and risks burning out. The fact that he is energetic and proactive to a fault means that he can often make situation worse that would have been acceptable if he had just let them be.

Q. Choose three words to describe your personality

A. Passionate, Courageous and Honest

Q. Is your superhero persona different to your day to day? how so?

A. No. This isn’t an alternate persona, it is just a way of protecting Dad from worrying. I’m quite happy with how I am so I don’t need an excuse to act differently.

Q. What are you three favorite things (hobbies, items, people or food)

A. Training. The only thing better than seeing a gradual improvement through hard work is helping someone else do the same thing.

2010 Yosemite Quarter pendant. My mother loved base jumping from El Capitan so she had a pendant made from a commemorative coin depicting it.

Suzuki GSX650F. I love my bike.

Q. What three things do you hate fear or avoid.

A. Being the cause of worry or pain for people that I care about.

Complacency. I hate people who are happy with where they are. Trying and making things worse is better than giving up and keeping things the same.

Taking things for granted. Yes I always strive to be fitter, get stronger and be just generally better but I dread the idea that I could become so focused on where I want to be that I don’t appreciate where I am.


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