Valiant City



Northsedge – residential area to the north of the city.

Eastern Docks – import/export hub and home of the criminal Desperado gang.

Merton – central finance sector, surrounding Omni-Tech tower.

Redbank – former industrial area, home to rundown warehouses and downtrodden civilians.

Parkside – a suitably named residential series of high rise apartment, located at the Overlook Park.

Specific Locations

Rutherford Research – nuclear fusion research lab.

Omni-Tech – multi-departmental research and development company.

The Valiant Times – leading city newspaper.

Berkeley Carteret Building – landmark historic art building.

Lordshouse – home of the mayor and political office.

Eden College – premier education campus, home of Quantum bar and coffee house.

Overlook Park – a pleasant park near the centre of the city, overlooked by high rises.

Valiant City

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