Aberrant Undaunted

A Gallant Attempt
Issue #8

As the escalation of criminal enterprises in Valiant City comes to a head, Diamond, Shift and Augment finally witness the full extent of what they are up against. But with the opposing forces closing in around them, are the cities premier heroes truly ready for the challenges that come with their position?

Con Season
Issue #7

Pandering to their newfound fan-base, the adjusting heroes of Valiant City are roped into their first real public appearance. But when it becomes clear that not everyone is quite as receptive to the newcomers and see’s their appearance as something of a challenge. Will the trio measure up to their fans expectations or will they falter in the spotlight?

The Silver Storm
Issue #6

Following the eruption of an uncanny storm and the appearance of uncontrolled aberrant’s throughout the cities downtown, the heroes reveal themselves to the public. But their newfound celebrity and the empowerment of an unknowable number of aberrants introduce additional complications these new issues bring with them!

Bad Medicine
Issue #5

When a designer drug named ‘Breaker’ begins appearing on the streets of Valiant City the heroes must locate the source, deal with unexpected complications and question their loyalties to some of their believed allies.

Nightmare In The Sky
Issue #4

As they answer a mysterious request from Jessica Simmons, the heroes find themselves on a flight inhabited by a supernatural horror. Confined in their own aerial nightmare, the trio will have to use more than their powers to survive.

The Past Beneath Us
Issue #3

Taking on an assignment from Omni Tech, the three aberrants uncover the hidden complex of the original ‘Valiants’, but as they learn the history of the heroes that came before them, they discover an unexpected ally.

Fallen Paladin
Issue #2

As a scientific discovery is unveiled to Valiant City, the fresh faced super heroes must contend with their first super-powered opponent. But are they ready to face an enemies who’s morals linger in the grey?

Diamond, Distortion and Ductile
Issue #1

When three childhood best friends gain super powers following a drunken night out they find themselves forced to deal with their ordinary lives, a rocky start to their crime fighting careers and a world that might not be ready to receive them quite as openly as they’d hoped!


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